THE HUSTLER  The Hustler

Dangerous Games, Book One


Tech prodigy SAGE PETERS and her father are the top private investigators in New York City, and Sage has a problem. She’s in lust with the subject of their investigation: the gorgeous con-artist and thief, RYDER THORNE.

One night while they’re collecting undercover footage of Ryder, her father is shot in a hit-gone-wrong. When a threat from an unknown assailant looms over them all, Sage reluctantly agrees to help Ryder discover who is behind the attack.

As Sage and Ryder attempt to gather evidence, there’s no escape from the hit squad that seems to follow them wherever they go, or from their growing feelings for each other. Once the bullets start flying, Sage has to decide whether she’s willing to give the beautiful con artist a chance to win her heart…and how far she’ll go to save the people she loves.



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