Dangerous Games, Book Three

The FBI is the only family Special Agent RACHEL LAWSON has ever known. Unfortunately, her most recent investigation has imploded, and her future with the Bureau is dangling by a thread. To find the racketeering evidence she needs to secure the conviction that will save her career, she goes deep undercover as a housecleaner for the mob boss she’s determined to bring to justice. What she doesn’t count on? The attraction she immediately feels for the boss’ broody second-in-command.

FINN MACINTYRE is playing a dangerous game. But that’s what happens when you’re attempting to extricate yourself from a deadly criminal organization—and a toxic relationship with its boss—by taking it down from the inside. The real trick? Keeping your own hands clean while you do it, and without being discovered. Or killed.

Finn’s job is made infinitely harder with the arrival of his boss’ new maid and the unwelcome wave of feelings she stirs within him. Brusque, clever, and sock-you-in-the-gut beautiful, she’s the distraction he can’t afford. To keep his efforts to undermine the mob a secret, he’s betrayed too many people and even alienated his best friends. Throwing his sacrifices away over a woman is madness, but he finds it nearly impossible to resist her, especially when the sexual tension reaches scorching heights.

Surrounded by enemies and under constant threat of exposure, these two unlikely allies must succeed in their mission to take down the Providence mob—their lives depend on it. But will the inextricable pull they feel toward one another derail their carefully laid plans?



To be completed 2018.


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